Polycarbonate Face Shield (Pack of 4)

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This product contains: 4 units of polycarbonate Face shield. Best in quality, better than PET sheet. 

A face shield is a personal protective equipment device that is used to keep you safe from splashes, sprays, and bodily fluids. This face shield can be used more than once after being disinfected. The shield is made of high-quality transparent, recyclable, and waterproof plastic. It is recommended to use the visor with other protective equipment, such as face masks and goggles. The visor can be detached from the forehead rest.

  • Front polycarbonate Sheet Length : 9" * 13" (0.8 MM or 800 microns) & also available in  9" * 13" (0.3 MM or 300 microns)
  • Anti-fog design: Made of anti-fog recyclable polycarbonate, this safety face shield prevents fog from covering your sight. Even though you need to use it in a long period of time.
  • Splatter proof: Full facial safety face shield protect you from spray and splatter. With ergonomics design, our safety face shield works for most people.
  • Comfortable Wearing Experiencing: With a soft durable sponge, a safety face shield provides extra comfort and safety for everyday use. The top visor gets your full facial protection, free from spray and splatter.
  • Large clear visor, to maximum visibility, durable and practical.
  • Equipped with an elastic band and forehead sponge, easy to adjust and install. Make it comfortable to wear a long time